We take a closer look at the diffuser, which is the closest friend of wavy and curly-haired people!
We love this apparatus, which allows it to take shape while drying its hair! The hair dryer box inside the box and usually a kind of unknown how to use, known as the curly hair head, this apparatus is under the lens today!

We explain how to use the right diffuser and control hair with the diffuser. If you want to use this head of the hairdryer actively, you should get to know the diffusers.

What is a diffuser?

The diffuser is a hair styling apparatus that attaches to the tip of the hair dryer, with the tip shaped like a comb, and is one of the heads of the hair dryer. It waves the hair naturally and helps the hair maintain its volume.

It is more suitable for wavy and curly hair. Its curls allow the waves to be naturally pronounced. However, if your hair is easily shaped, those with straight hair can also try waving using a diffuser. Provided you use the L’oréal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss frizz clarifying foam before and after the course. After you apply the foam to your hair that makes this curl clear, you should dry it with a diffuser, then apply the foam after the hair has dried and you can keep the curls steady.

What are the benefits of using a diffuser?

Because the diffuser protects the hair directly from heat, it prevents the hair from being exposed to intense heat. It gives volume to wavy hair, helping to control the scattered waves of waves. Using a diffuser brings curls of curly hair to the fore, streamlines tangled curls and makes them look cooler. The hair you shape with the diffuser will look more naturally curly.

Editor’s suggestion: we know, the biggest problem with curly hair is that it’s entangled and not easy to comb. To prevent this, you can apply a care spray to your hair before applying a diffuser to soften it. Elseve complete restorative 5-2 Care elixir, such as the hair without aggravating the soften and easy to scan the care spray to the ends and lengths of the hair apply and scan. You’ll notice how easy it is to scan!

Considerations when using diffuser

Although the diffuser protects the hair from direct heat, it can still cause long-term hair wear due to the effect of heat. For this reason, before styling your hair with a diffuser, we recommend that you apply a heat-protective care product. You can also get help from our favorites, The Matrix Style Link Heat Buffer, which nourishes the hair while protecting it.

When using the diffuser, you must keep the hair dryer at a moderate level. It must be neither too hot nor too cold. With warm heat, you can minimize the damage your hair can see from the heat. The most important thing is to take tufts of your hair with the diffuser and get your hair into the blow dryer while shaping it! To prevent this situation, you must take care that the diffuser apparatus is of high quality, frequent gear. At the same time, when using the diffuser, instead of thin Tufts, you should take thick Tufts, these Tufts from the bottom to the end, not just the tip and a part of the length of the application.

When you use a diffuser by tilting your hair upside down, you’ll find that you get bulkier and fuller curly hair. Don’t worry if your hair is too high, it’ll go away in half an hour. When applied by moving the diffuser instead of applying it constant, the waves will take shape more evenly.

How to use the diffuser

For the use of diffusers, we recommend that you apply a care spray that will protect your hair from both heat and soften and make it easy to comb. Especially if your hair is too curly, you can use oil-containing care sprays to take sh

ape without getting electrified or blistering. Containing nourishing oil, Kérastase Aura Botanica nourishing double-based spray, ideal care sprays. You can spray it on the ends and lengths of your hair.

Then take the styling foam in the palm of your hand and apply it to your entire hair, pressing it from the bottom up. Then curl the medium-thick tufts of hair and place it in the diffuser. Put the diffuser on the Tufts and hold on to her hair for about 10-20 seconds on average. After all the hair tufts have done this procedure, go over the hair again with the diffuser to ensure the perfect appearance. The second time you can apply it by moving the diffuser instead of holding it steady.


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