How should your hair be in a mirror selfie?
As” Selfie-lovers, ” we love taking pictures when we find mirrors! 🙂 The elevator mirror, the cabin mirrors we tried on clothes, the rear view mirror of the car, the mirrors in the gym and our sized mirrors in the House are ideal places for us! Of course it’s not easy to break the record like on social media. Especially when taking a selfie where the light is reflected, the appropriate filter, makeup and of course your hairstyle is very important.

We’ve chosen hairstyles for you that will make your facial features look most attractive, look great in the mirror and get plenty of likes and comments from social media users. And you get your own hairstyles, and you get in front of the mirror. Let’s see what hairstyle suits you best.

What you need to look out for to come out perfect in a mirror selfie

First, instead of using the front camera of your phone when taking a selfie, we recommend taking a selfie in the mirror using the back camera of your phone. As most of us know, the back cameras always take better pictures. This is an important factor for the selfie to be clear.

And you have to remember that when you take a selfie in the mirror, you have to adjust the light very well. Taking the light from behind can cause your face to become dark. You can light your face with the light coming from the right or the left, instead of the light hitting you from the back exactly. She’ll look brighter in the selfie when the light comes on her hair. But of course for this, the hair color needs to be bright. With L’oréal Paris Casting Créme Gloss, you can achieve super-gloss by dyeing your hair. Up to 28 shampooing this permanent hair dye recently, one of the most popular shades of bright sandpaper can give you a chance.

And don’t forget to choose the appropriate filter after taking a Selfie. That way you can add a different movement to your picture. If you like warm tones, you can add orange or red shadows to your photo.

It’s very important that your hair doesn’t get electrified to look flawless in the selfie. To make your hair look shiny, shiny and well-groomed, you can apply Elseve miraculous Oil Hair beautifying Cream, which is one of our favorites, to your hair lengths and ends. This care cream, which contains non-rinsing, nutritious oils, will help her hair look radiant in selfies.

If you are going to make your hair a tight ponytail or a tight bun, we recommend that you apply a stabilizing hair spray to prevent your tiny hair from flying or electrifying your hair. If you’re looking for a spray that has a particularly strong grip but looks natural, where the hair doesn’t look like mold, you can fix your hair with Kerastase laque noire Spray. After you’ve gathered your hair, you can apply the spray to your toothbrush and gently comb your hair, or you can apply the spray to your entire hair nicely.

What kind of hair should you choose?

It’s important where you are when choosing a Selfie. Read on for our hairstyle suggestions for selfie locations!

If you’re going to take a selfie at the gym:
Horsetail hairstyle

If you’re taking a selfie from a gym mirror, you should definitely choose natural, gym-appropriate hairstyles. One of the best hairstyles for the gym is a ponytail. Especially when you are sporting a tight and high ponytail, it will prevent your hair from coming in front of you, will give all your energy to the sport.

Braided hairstyle

If you’re going out of the gym to meet your friends, a double braided hairdo would be the right choice for you. You can separate your hair in the middle and get both Tufts in the form of a classic 3’şlu braid. Don’t forget to take a selfie with your braided hair in the gym mirror before meeting your friends! Your hair will look so cool in the selfie if you keep your braids coming over your shoulder to the front of you!

If you’re gonna take a selfie in an elevator:
Bun hairstyle

We all love elevator mirrors. We don’t necessarily forget to try a selfie every time we take an elevator. You can rate your bun hairstyle to make your neck look longer in elevator selfies. The tight ballerina bun will make her height look thinner and longer, creating the trick in the elevator selfie. Insider tip! 🙂

If you’re gonna take a selfie in the bathroom:
Straight hairstyle

Don’t forget to take a bath selfie after you’ve done your hair and makeup while going out with your friends over the weekend. You’re 100 per cent more likely to go skinny in a bathroom selfie because straight hair will make your facial features look thinner! If you like colorful hairstyles, suitable for dark hair colors, 1-2 weeks lasting L’oréal Paris Colorista Washout Turquoise color with the color of your hair color can add air to havana!

If you’re going to take a selfie at home:
House knob

You have to follow the rules of sloppy beauty when taking selfies at home. So it’s going to look like no makeu

p, no makeup, and House bun selfies that look like they’re not sloppy. You can remove tiny tufts of hair from the front of your hair to make the House bun look more natural.

Wavy hairstyle

Her wavy hairdo looks great in the home selfie! For example, you can shoot a moving, wavy blow-dry.


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