It seems impossible, but we found this special spray! 🙂
You styled your hair, spent a lot of time, and now it’s time to keep it steady throughout the day. You do a few flicks and what’s that?! Your hair gets heavy instantly, the spray sticks to your hair like a mold! What’s more, your hair hardens when you’re soft…

If you think all hair sprays are like that, you’re wrong.we found a hairspray that’s unique to you, almost superpowers. 🙂 Are you ready to explore right away?

Which hairspray doesn’t harden the hair?


Let’s explain before I make you more curious. This newly discovered hairspray is The Matrix StyleLink Texture Builder spray! Every time we Style our hair, we cling to our hair sprays after styling! It is essential that we use hair spray to control our electrified baby hair, to ensure that our hairstyle remains stable.

However, as you know, some hair sprays appear sticky, Harden or even heavy hair can cause the volume to decrease… StyleLink Texture Builder spray is exactly the answer to this need.

It gives the hair a cool, light look while giving it texture. It has a dull appearance and does not leave any residue because the hair does not shine, does not stick. After completing all of the hair styling procedures, you can maintain this shape without stiffening or aggravating your hair.

Reshaping feature:

If we don’t like the look after styling and spraying our hair again (which is more likely to happen at the hair salon:)) it is necessary to wash the hair again because of the spray. Style link Texture Builder Spray since it has a light structure to the hair without weighing hair re-allows you to take another shape. So we can say the ideal hair sprays for the undecided! 🙂

How to use?

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When using such a useful spray, you have to be careful how you apply the spray to get the highest effect. It is applied to dry hair bottoms by spraying from a distance of about 15 cm. By gently lifting your hair up, you can apply the spray towards the bottoms, making the hairstyle look flawless!


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