If you have long hair, these hairstyles are perfect for you!
Those with long hair are very lucky because they have countless hairstyle options! Braids, ponytails, knobs don’t just count long hairstyles. However there are some long hairstyles that are ideal for collecting over the gaze! 🙂 We also compiled these long hairstyles for you to be inspired. Let’s see which one you want to try first.

Twisted hairstyle

Even practical hairstyles look very cool thanks to the majestic appearance of long hair. The twirled hairstyle is also one of those easy hairstyles. To make this hairstyle, you must first shape your hair with a large Tong. After the front part of her hair 2 tutama twirl shape and fix the back part of her hair with wire buckles. That’s about it!

Editor’s suggestion: your hair may be long but are you sure it’s healthy? In order for your hair to look flawless, your hair must be healthy, unbroken and smooth. What you need to maintain the healthy appearance of your long hair is to nourish, moisturize.

Hairstyle with bone braid

We think the long hair looks so beautiful long hair, Awn hair braids most worthy of models! If you want to learn how to weave a bone, step by step, you can just click here.

Hairstyle with scarf

One of the most ideal styles for you when you don’t want to style your hair long is to wear a scarf! Put your hair on the back of your neck and tie a colorful scarf. Here’s you’re ready!

Natural wavy hairstyle

When the hair is naturally wavy its length becomes even more revealing. You can also get your natural wavy hairstyle without using heat. All you have to do is split your hair into two clutches and braid it and sleep like this. When you wake up in the morning, open your braids and embrace your natural waves! 🙂

Double herringbone weave

The pair of Herringbone braids, also called Boxer braid, are very good for long hair! If you’re wondering how to make herringbone knitting the easiest way, click!

Half bun hairstyle

Half bun hair is a life-saving hairstyle for long hair. You can only get this hairstyle by making the top of your hair into a bun. Whether you pick your hair up at the top or down below, whichever hairstyle comes easy, adapt it to your own! 🙂

High bun hairstyle

The high bun, where all the hair is gathered on the top, is one of the long hairstyles that suits every environment! One of the advantages of being very practical, of course. All you have to do is put all your hair on the top and make it look like a bun and secure it with wire buckles. You can release a few tufts from the front of your hair or the top of your ear if you wish to maintain a shabby look.


Bandanas and headbands, which we use very often especially in summer, are one of the redeeming accessories of long hair. With colorful bands, we’re sure you’ll be able to get some really cool looks.

Black ribbon hair

Is it possible to look instantly stylish with a single hair accessory? We think so! Black ribbon buckles give her hairstyles an instantly effortless chic look. Put your black ribbon on, and you’re ready! 🙂

Half ponytail

In this hair model, where the hair is both clear and lumpy, the hair looks more voluminous than ever before. Before you pick up your hair


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