Are any of you here wondering about this brand-new hair styling technique?
We all love wavy hairstyles! We can’t give up on that voluminous, cool look, and let’s face it, we’re doing everything we can to get to that look. We apply tongs, blow dry, wrap our hair in curlers… now there’s a method we often see on social media: waving hair with a water bottle!

Hair of course Sırları.com as editors, we immediately investigated this shaping method and learned how it was applied. We wanted to share with you what we learned. Let’s continue our article for those who are curious!

Making wavy hair with water bottle:

Waving hair with a water bottle is a current that has started on social media, and this current has become more and more widespread. In this technique, we all know that pet bottles are cut, shaped and hair is shaped inside this bottle. Hair tufts are inserted into the bottle with the help of a blow dryer, without the need for tongs and curlers ripples. We’ve never seen a hair-waving technique like this before! 🙂

Suitable for who?

The technique of waving hair with a water bottle is more suitable for straight and wavy hair because with the heat flow the hair can be electrified and blistering. For this reason, frizzy and thick hair that has a blistering problem is not a suitable method.

Editor’s advice: if your hair blisters too much after styling it may be due to a lack of moisture in your hair. For dry hair, we recommend Elsve 3-in-1 Cream Shampoo that does not contain sulphate, the hair-drying ingredient. This shampoo nourishes the hair intensely and moisturizes the hair from the bottom to the end. Gently cleans the hair and makes the hair soft and shiny. We think you should give it a chance to stop the blistering in your hair.

Which products should support?

Although it is a practical method, its shortcomings are quite a lot. You can complete these deficiencies with the products you will use. For example, before you start to shape hair with a bottle, we recommend that you use heat-protective spray or cream as you will use heat. At this point we also recommend you Elsevé hair beautifying miraculous oil cream! This non-rinsing care cream protects the hair up to 240 degree heat. We recommend that you protect your hair by applying it to the length and ends of your hair before styling your hair.

Of course, waves like blow-drying aren’t very permanent. So you can increase permanence by using a styling product. it is better to get support from the styling foam for fixing the wave in your hair and for the waves to be more prominent. We recommend that you prefer styling foams that will make your hair Ripple without aggravating or hardening.

For example, recently you can get help from one of our favorites, the styling foam. Although this styling foam provides a lasting effect on the hair for a long time, it does not harden the hair and your waves look very soft. You can apply this foam before you shape it with a bottle.

Editorial advice: if your hair can not reach the volume you want, dilute, weakened, we think you should get support from hair care products that can strengthen your hair and make it look denser, more lush. The Hair Care Serum from Vichy Densi Solutions is one of our favourites! With this serum, you can make your hair look very much like it.

How to make wavy hair with a water bottle

First step:

You can start by cutting the water bottle first. First, you have to cut off the head of the water bottle.

The second step:

Then you have to cut a spot on the side of the bottle as far as the head of the blow dryer can go.

Step three:

Then you have to take tiny tufts of your hair and put it in the bottle. And you have to hold the blow dryer to give air through the hole you cut and make your hair look like a vortex in a bottle. After rippling all the Tufts, scanning the waves

Of course, let me warn you, the water bottle is getting too hot and can cause hand burns due to the temperature. So we don’t recommend using this method.



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