You want to learn how to use wire buckles?
Every woman’s life-saving hair accessory has Wire clasps! Although new hair accessories come and go, no one can replace wire buckles for us. 🙂 We love wire buckles, which help to keep hair under control and look cool when used correctly!

So, are you sure you got the wire buckles right? If you don’t get the performance you want in wire buckles or if you think Wire buckles don’t hold your hair, you should take a close look at this guide. Let’s get you back to the post to sign peace with wire buckles!

Place the wire buckles correctly

Are you sure you put the wire buckles right in your hair? One of the biggest mistakes made about Wire buckles is to wear the wire buckle upside down. You have to put the serrated side of the wire buckles under your hair, towards the scalp, to hold your hair. When you bring the serrated side of the wire buckle under your hair, you’ll see that it holds your hair better.

Watch out for the ends of the wire buckles

Tiny black balls located at the ends of the wire buckles keep the buckle constant in her hair. If you dropped this little ball at the end of the wire clip, it’s time to throw the wire clip in the trash. If the wire buckle doesn’t keep your hair as tight as you want, and there are no other Wire buckles, you can fix your hair with L’oréal Paris Studio Pro Lock It stabilizer spray after picking it up.

Choose the right color

If you don’t want the wire clip to show in your hair, you have to choose the right wire clip color. Instead of just using a black wire buckle, you can get a more professional look in your hair thanks to the brown tone that suits your hair color or the beige wire buckle that suits your blonde hair.

Attaching a wire buckle to wet hair

The most common misconception about the use of wire clasps is to attach wire clasps to wet hair. The hair, which sticks together when wet, will swell when dry, making the wire buckles dysfunctional. For that, you have to dry your hair first and then wear your wire buckle.

Editor’s advice: if you want your hair to dry very quickly, use L’oréal Paris Studio Pro Heat It Hot&go spray. After applying the spray to your hair, your hair dries much faster when you dry it with a blow dryer and then you can shape your hair immediately.

To keep the wire buckles stable:

You can apply a stabilizing spray on them before you put them on so that the wire buckles stay constant in their hair throughout the day, so that they don’t slip through their hair. You can also use L’oréal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss stabilizer spray, one of our favorites. After applying a lot of this spray on the wire buckles and attaching the buckles to your hair, there will be no slip or stretch.

You can also use wire buckles as accessories!

You can use wire buckles not only to control or secure your hair, but also as a hair accessory. Once you’ve gathered your hair, you can achieve a cool hairstyle by asymmetrically placing wire buckles. Don’t forget to fix your hairstyle with Kérastase Spray A Porter Spray!

Placing too far apart

If you use wire buckles to collect your hair, we recommend that you place the buckles evenly for an aesthetic look. You have to place the wire buckles not too far or too close together. When you put your wire buckle away from each other, your hair can grow out of the way. This prevents the view from appearing properly.

Stuffing your hair with a wire buckle

Another mistake made about the use of wire clasp is to fill your hair with wire clasp. If you don’t use wire buckles as an accessory and only use them to make your hair look beautiful from the front, don’t fill the back of your hair with a wire buckle. You might think you’re hiding it, but it must be in the back of your hair somewhere, and we wouldn’t advise you to take that risk.


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