Mom hairstyles!
We’ve compiled great hairstyles to be prepared in just five minutes for mothers who are working mothers or housewives who don’t get the chance to run around all day chores. Now we want mothers not to broom their hair, but rather to dazzle with their radiant hair. 🙂

If you can’t find a time to try different models, you can do different hairstyles in a short time by taking inspiration from the hairstyles in this article.

Lifesaving tips for quick hairstyles!

We know you don’t have a lot of time, so we wanted to make a quick entrance! 🙂 We have suggestions that will allow you to reach perfect hair in a way that is tiny but very effective and much faster before we move to our special hairstyle suggestions. First of all, we recommend that you use non-rinsing creams to soothe your hair quickly. Apply non-rinsing creams to the ends and lengths of your hair before styling your hair, preventing blisters and electrification.

You should get help from stabilizing sprays to keep the blow dryer from deteriorating for a long time after you’ve had a blow dryer. However, we recommend that you try to apply the spray before you blow dry from your hairdresser. After the blow dryer is pulled, you’ll get a few FIS and the hair will stay fixed for a long time!

To prepare for last-minute meetings, appointments at the speed of light, you can use volumizing foams while styling hair. While your hair looks wavy, it also looks much more voluminous and cool. You’ll get to enjoy your cool hair! 🙂

For mothers with short hair:
Wavy hairstyle

Short hair is one of the most commonly preferred haircuts of dense women! If your hair is short and you want to use your short hair open, you can create a cool wavy hairstyle by highlighting your curls with Hair Mousse. Of course, you also need a good mousse to make your hair look beautiful and not harden before your waves swell. Our favourite on this subject is Kérastase Mousse Bouffante Hair Mousse! If you want to keep your waves intact, especially during the day’s running, it should be your first choice.

Put the foam in your palm first. Then bend your hair forward and apply the mousse to your hair by massaging your curls. That’s about it! You’ll be ready in seconds.

Twisted hairstyle

Especially if you’re a working mother and your hair is straight, we should tell you that you made the right choice by getting your hair cut bob-style. We have a suggestion to prevent you from seeing your hair during the day: you can give the front parts of your hair a twirl shape. Knit thin braids from either side of your hair and tie it in the back. If you want, you can make your hair more stylish by wearing tiny hair accessories.

Bun hairstyle

And with a practical hairstyle, you can look like you went to the hairdresser and got a bun. Twirl the top of your hair, crepe the twirl slightly. And then twist this pinch, make a bun, and secure it with wire buckles. Then apply the same procedure to the lower parts of your hair. You’re ready!


If you want to use your short hair with an elegant and classic model, we recommend that you style your hair straight. Short hair can be prone to blistering after flattening. In order to prevent this situation, you can get help from Elseve hair beautifying miracle Hair Care Oil. This cream, which contains nourishing oils, also protects hair up to 230 degree heat. You can quickly get a cool style by applying oil cream to your hair and then straightening it. Since your hair is short, you can flatten it quickly.

For mothers with medium-long hair:
Water wave hairstyle

If you have medium length hair, you may prefer water wavy hairstyles. You don’t have to tongs your long, long hair for that hairstyle. After applying Styrofoam to her hair the night before, cut her hair in half and knit both Tufts. When you sleep like this and wake up, open the braids and spread the waves with your fingers. Now that naturalness is at the forefront of the new generation of hairstyles, you can easily keep up with this train.

Cool ponytail hairstyle

How about adding a modern feel to your ponytail? Mothers who want to make a different ponytail can get a cooler style by fluffing their hair before making a ponytail. First apply a hair spray that gives volume towards the bottom of the peak of the hair. At this point we recommend you get help from L’oréal Paris Studio Pro Heat It Hot&Big 72 hour volume effective Hairspray. When we made pancakes with the help of this spray, we achieved great results. Then gently comb her hair from the tips to the bottoms with a fine-toothed comb. Then comb your hair backwards with a wide toothed comb and do a ponytail. Your cool hair is ready!

Nape Mace

Nape bun is one of the most common hairstyles every mother uses when cleaning and going shopping! Let’s say there’s a last-minute special for the evening. Your fancy clothes are ready, but there’s no time to go to the salon… After you have gathered your hair on the back of the neck, wrap a tuft of hair around your bun to form the nape bun. You let go of the front of your hair, and you’re done! It will perfectly balance the elegance of the cool bun.

Use a Bandana

When you’re in a hurry and you want a different hairstyle in your hair, colored hair scarves run to your rescue. You can pick up your hair in a much more modern way with scarves.

For mothers with long hair:
Side netting

Long-haired mothers must try a side braid at the beginning of the hairstyle comes. To try this very popular hairstyle, first part your hair from the side. Then start braiding your hair in a herringbone braid, starting at the front of your hair. When you reach your ear line, end the braid and secure it with a rubber buckle. By taking the rest of your hair to the back of the braid, you can create a look as if you threw your hair behind your ear.

Braided bun

Cool moms over here! Don’t wait for the wedding season to open to make your hair a messy bun. You can surprise those around you by going to important meetings or doing a braided bun on the weekends.

Boxer braid

If you like vibrant, dynamic hairstyles, you’re gonna love boxer braids. If you have a daughter, we’re sure you made her a boxer braid. What about yourself? You can look pretty cool by having the same hairstyle as your daughter.

Straight hair

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Mothers who want to look practical and cool can evaluate your straight hairstyle. If you’re going to do a straight hairstyle, you have to pay attention to one thing: the bottom dye. We know, as a busy mother, you don’t get a chance to paint bottoms. If your white hair bottoms are visible, you can give your white hair bottoms a natural and magical touch with L’oréal Paris Magic Retouch instant concealer spray for whites before you go out.


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