Those of you who want to know how to weave a rope, how to use it with different hairstyles, come here!
Hair Sırları.com as we love all forms of knitting! Recently attracted our attention, even showing the height of Fashion Weeks rope braid is one of our favorites right now! As cool as it looks, the construction of the rope braid is so practical, we are waiting for you to continue our article to learn the different styles. 🙂

Rope netting:

Basically the rope braids that emerged from the creation of 2 augers by adding on top of each other took their place in the podiums in the last period. A strained gathered ponytail and flawless-looking rope-braided hair look so cool!

Although it is mostly used with ponytails, it can also be used with bun and light hairstyles. It gives your hairstyles a different vibe.

How to weave rope?

Now, how to weave a rope! As you can see above, the hair is divided into two Tufts and then the twirls are added on top of each other. Finally, the weave is fixed with a rubber buckle. We’re sure you’re worried these twirls are going to open. But the twirls won’t open because we’re wrapped around each other and we’re tight. If you ask us, you can use an oil-containing conditioner before you weave your hair to keep the rope braid intact, to keep the hair electrified after you weave it.

Our favorite non-rinsing creams Elsevé hair beautifying miraculous oil cream by applying the tips and lengths of your hair to provide more comfortable styling, as well as the appearance of the braid can disrupt the electrified hair will be blocked.

Rope braided bun:

You can sign various hairstyles using rope braids. Thanks to its easy construction, we’re sure you’ll be ready in a few minutes! First, put your hair on the top and form a ponytail. Then separate the ponytail into 2 Tufts and form the rope weave with the Tufts.

Then pull the weave sideways to make the weave look wider. You can wrap the braid around the rubber buckle and secure it with wire buckles. If you have tiny hair that gets electrified, you can apply L’oréal Paris Studio Line Lock It spray on it and gently secure it with your hand. This way your bun will look much more flawless.

Half rope braids:

You can use a rope braid with a fair hairstyle. However, we recommend that you straighten your hair in advance to make this hairstyle look smooth. After straightening your hair from the front part of your hair 2 tufts of rope braid in the form of knitting, the ends of the transparent rubber buckle fix (if you use a different color rubber buckle, the integrity of your appearance may be impaired so it is better to use a transparent rubber buckle).

Then tie the braids in the back and secure them with a wire buckle. That’s about it!

Colored rope braid:

You can achieve a very styled look by painting one of the Tufts to a different color when you separate 2 tufts of hair to make rope braids. For example, using the color L’oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup Hot Pink, you can have permanent pink hair for 1 day. Then when you weave your hair in a rope braid, your pink hair will look great in your braids!

Crown rope weave:

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We enjoyed the sevimi look that emerged when the crown braid and rope braid combined! 🙂 You can reach this sweet look by separating your hair from both sides, knitting it in the form of rope, then connecting the braids on the top and fixing them with wire buckles.


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