Those who like curled hairstyles, those with curly hair, come here!
We love voluminous looks, cool looks and curled hairstyles! 🙂 If your hair is curly you’re lucky because your hair has a natural volume. If not curly, we explain to you in this article the way to give your hair a curled look!

Here are the most popular curled hairstyles!

How do you get the curled look?

Before we move on to curled hairstyles, we’d like to explain to you how you can achieve this look. If you don’t have curly hair, you can even reach the curled look with just a hair styling mousse. L’oréal Paris Elnett foam for wavy hair with strong grip and creamy texture is one of our favourites recently!

If you are going to dry with a blow dryer, we recommend that you get help from the diffuser. With the diffuser head, the curls become even more prominent. If you’re wondering what the diffuser is and how to use it, you can click here!

How can you have iconic curls?

If your hair is curly and you want your curls to be prominent, we’ll offer you a special styling foam! L’oréal Paris Elnett foams for prominent and plump curls, melts gently in the hair with a cream formula, both caring for the curled hair and styling it without aggravating the hair. And it doesn’t leave a greasy feeling.

Enjoy your perfectly shaped and non-electrified hair with this iconic styling foam! 🙂

We’re sure you’ll love this anti-electrifying styling foam, especially if you’re complaining about your curls being electrified, blistering! If you’re going to apply it when your hair is wet, you can apply it to the height and ends of your hair and then apply it to L’oréal Paris Elnett for prominent and plump curls. You can also get help from the diffuser to make your curls clear.

Curled hairstyles

Once you get your prominent curls, you’re ready to try out your curled hairstyles! 🙂 Let’s explore hairstyles together!

Semi-bulk curls

You only need one latch buckle to get this hairstyle! 🙂 Combine 2 Tufts from the front of your hair at the back and secure it with a latch buckle. Don’t forget to style your hair first with the Elnett mousse that suits you! That’s about it!

Curled knobs

When you do a bun with curled hair, voluminous and plump looks appear. If your hair is curly, make your curls clear, and if your hair is wavy, make your hair curls up on the back of your neck and make it look like a bun. Secure the resulting knob with wire buckles. You can release a few tufts from the front of your hair and get a shabby look.

Braided curls

It’s also very easy to create this hairstyle that looks as cool as it is bohemian! After you’ve created your curls with your Elnett foam, separate your hair from the side as much as you can. Then start knitting a pinch of Herringbone from the front of your hair. Secure the end of the braid with a rubber buckle and leave the rest of your hair open. With this hairstyle, your curls will come to the fore and everyone will ask how you do your hair! 🙂

Curled Horsetail

The ponytail hairstyle, which makes our face look more taut, also suits the curled hair. Put all your hair on top and make it look like a ponytail. If your little hair on the front of your hair is electrified, you can get help with your hair spray. L’oréal Paris Elnett precious Argan Oil strong grip hairspray you can apply to these electrified parts and get a smooth look.


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