When we go to the hair salon to get a blow-dry, it’s like we’re going out of the salon as someone else. 🙂 Our hair officially looks much cooler, brighter and voluminous. But it is almost impossible to shoot the same fan at home! Even though we use strong blow-dry Combs and brushes used in hairdressers, we are unable to pull blow-dry like a hairdresser…

Us too sacsirlari.com we gathered as editors and explored the secrets of blow-drying as in hairdressers. When we tried the tips we found at home, we said that the hair salon fan could be at home! If you want to shoot the hair dryer at home, listen to our suggestions!

Tricks of blow-drying

First of all, let’s start with tips! As you know, usually when we go to the hair salon for blow-drying, we wash our hair beforehand. Of course, products such as creams and masks are applied to our hair during this washing. So this is where the main stage begins. When you are going to blow dry your hair, apply a hair mask or conditioner to the ends of your hair after shampooing your hair. Then rinse thoroughly. So your hair will be soft and more comfortable.

We don’t recommend you blow dry on dirty hair, your hair may not get the voluminous look you want because of the oil. But if you don’t have time to wash your hair, you can soak your hair by pouring water into a spray bottle. Then dry your hair, but 80% of your hair needs to be dry before you blow dry. It is very important that 80% of the blow dryer is dry for fixing.

Then apply the heat protective hair care product to her hair to protect her hair from heat. We use Elsevé hair beautifying miraculous Hair Care Oil Cream for this step. It prevents hair blistering and protects hair from the harmful effects of heat by protecting it up to 230 degree heat. Then you can start blow-drying. Whatever style you want to blow dry, let’s take you to the following steps!

What are the types of blow dryer?
How to pull a wavy blow dryer?


You need a round hairbrush to draw a wavy blow dryer. You should use a big hairbrush for big waves and a smaller hairbrush for tiny curls.

When you’re shooting wavy blow-drying, wrap your hair in your brush, starting with the tips of your hair, and move upwards. At this stage, do not roll your brush too upward because the waves starting at the bottom of the hair can create an artificial image. You just need to get up to ear level. Then wrap the pinch around your finger and pin it to your hair with hair pins. After shaping all the Tufts, apply the same process.

You should always open your brush outwards when shooting wavy blowscreens, so that your waves will look more natural and voluminous. Don’t panic if your curls look too complicated when you finish the blow dryer, with L’oréal Professionnel Tecni Art French Girl Hair Messy Cliché you can make your waves more natural and distinctive.


We love only the wavy and moving fan we take at the hair salon. You should first pull the hair straight to the upper parts of your hair for a moving blow dryer, then rotate the ends in a row with the brush and hold the fan over the brush, gradually opening the brush to undulate the hair tips. When the hair tips are in motion, you should heat it up without sticking it directly to your hair. There must be at least 2 cm between the blow dryer and the hair.

How to pull a flat blow dryer?


One of the most asked questions to us is: how to pull a flat blow dryer? You need to comb your hair well first. Comb your hair according to the thickness of your hair 4-5 separate tutama. Start from the rear first. Hold the blow dryer on your hair while you brush your hair with a brush to draw a straight blow dryer. The more tense you keep your hair, the more permanent your flat brush will be.

For a smooth look, you can also pull a second layer of blow dryer into your hair. Double blow-dry will be more permanent. After straightening the entire hair, apply Kérastase Aura Botanica nourishing aromatic concentrated oil to the hair lengths and ends. This way your hair will get the nutrients it needs, and your hair will become more permanent and your hair will shine brightly. What else?

How to blow dry bangs?


After you cut bangs, you have to make sure they look perfect and don’t blister. When you blow-dry your bangs, put your brush in the bangs and hold the blow-dryer straight over your hair. Blow out your bangs by pulling your brush down. For straight bangs, you have to hold your brush without entangling it in your hair, for wavy bangs, you have to blow-dry the ends of your bangs by wrapping them in the brush. Finally, don’t forget to fix your bangs with L’oréal Paris Studio Pro Lock It hairspray.

How do you blow dry the back of your hair

To blow-dry the back of your hair, you have to break your hair into Tufts. With the help of a hair brush starting at the nape of the hair, wrap your hair around the brush and hold the blow dryer over the brush towards your hair. If your hair is long, you can take the ends of your hair in front and blow dry more easily. In the early days, when you blow-dry the back of your hair, you can look at the blowtorch with the help of two mirrors. Then you’ll learn to blow dry without looking in the mirror.

How do you blow dry the front of your hair?

Blow-drying the front of the hair is the easiest part! Keep your hair tight with a hairbrush, warm air over your hair with a blow dryer. You should never hold the blow dryer steady, you should always move it back and forth over your hair. You shouldn’t let your hair get too close to your face when you blow dry the front of your hair. You don’t want a burn mark on your face, do you?


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