How about capturing effortless elegance with easy braids?

We all love easy hairstyles because we can look stylish quickly and save time. We know you’re intimidated by braided hairstyles, but don’t worry, because the hairstyles we’ll offer you are very practical!

Let’s continue our article for those who want to be inspired by Easy hair braids right away! 🙂

Half braided easy hairstyle


This hairstyle, which you can use together with both open and braided hairstyle, makes our job easier with its practicality. First, knit a tuft from the front parts of your hair and, while knitting, put the leading tufts of your hair through the inside of the braids, then connect it to the back of your hair and secure it with a rubber buckle. That’s about it!

It is important that the ends of the hair appear smooth because some of the hair is open. If there are fractures in the ends of the hair, you need to get help to prevent the appearance of a fork-fork!

To prevent this broken appearance, we recommend the bye-bye Scissors Hair Care Cream Of The Elseve Dream long series. You can protect your hair against breakage by applying this cream regularly to the ends and lengths of your hair.

Easy knits with double knobs

With a double bun and loose braids, this hairstyle is ideal for a cute look! 🙂 Split your hair first in the middle and create 2 tiny bun at the top of your hair. The bottom of the hair again split into two each 2 tufts of loosely knit. There’s no need for both the bun and the braids to be perfect for a shabby hairstyle. You can even give it a more bohemian look by pulling it sideways after your braids are formed.

Braided bun

To create the braided bun that looks like a flower when viewed from behind, first top the top of her hair at the back. 2 above the aftermath. put it through the ponytail as you see it in my step and get a twirled look. Then weave the ponytail in a classic braid, and expand these braids with your hand. Finally, give the braids the appearance of a bun and secure them with wire buckles.

Double easy knitting

If you know how to weave herringbone, you can make those braids quickly. But if you don’t know it’s no problem you can click here and learn how to make herringbone braid the easiest way! You can get this hairstyle by separating your hair from the middle and knitting it into a herringbone shape.

Half 3 Braid

If you want your hairstyle to be a little different, different from other knitting styles, this hairstyle is for you! You can braid your hair by taking Tufts from the front of your hair. Finally, you can loosen your braids by pulling them sideways to give a bohemian effect.

Crown weave

Although it may seem difficult, you can say that it is one of the easiest braided hairstyles! 🙂 You can get this look by knitting both sides of your hair in the form of a classic braid, combining it at the top of your hair and fixing it with wire buckles.



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