How about we try Metal hair accessories?
Now you know how much we like to keep a close eye on new hair trends. 🙂 When we are told of hair fashion, the water stops flowing for us! Today we will examine the brand new hair trend is metal hair accessories. Metallic hair accessories add an unusual and modern feel to even the classic hairstyle. If you’re tired of ordinary hairstyles, you can definitely try different hairstyles using metal hair accessories.

With these accessories, which are very easy to use, you will be able to make practical hairstyles. Choose the metal hair accessory that suits you best and start trying it in front of the mirror!

Authentic metal hair accessory

If you have an authentic style, how about combining it with an authentic metal hair accessory? You can get a completely different look with a metal, patterned or even natural stone accessory. After a few tufts of your hair in a tiny braid, gather the front part of your hair loosely. Then put on your accessory and you’re ready!

Wobbly metal hair accessory

Wobbly metal hair accessories look so cool on special occasions! You can release your hair and put on a metal hair accessory to bring your hair beauty to the fore.

These Hellenistic-style metal hair accessories look great, especially on light-coloured hair. If you have a fair complexion, it’ll look good on you too! At home you can practically try Garnier 111 extra light silver yellow hair dye to dye your hair light yellow. This hair color will make your hair look brighter, as well as highlight the metal hair accessories you use.

Chained hair accessory

If you want a more modern, young and a little crazy hairstyle instead of evening dresses, you can take the chains off your twirled bun. What do you say we put some action into your hairstyle by wrapping your thin chains together? While making your hair in a twirled bun, put a chained metal hair accessory between your hair, and finally put the chain back on your twirls. If you want your hairstyle to look at least as shiny as your metallic hair accessories, remember to apply the Elseve hair beautifying miraculous oil cream before styling your hair. This way your hair will be easier to shape without blistering, and it will look shiny!

Metal crown

If you like to bring your glory-loving character to the forefront everywhere, this hairstyle is perfect for you! We recommend completing the bun hairstyle and metallic hair accessory especially when going to invitations. After you’ve done your hair in a ballerina bun around your neck, put your metal crown hair accessory on top of your hair. You’re ready!

Elegant chain hair accessory

Although metal hair accessories have a masculine look, it would be nice to add a touch of elegance. After braiding your hair, place a thin, elegant metal hair accessory between your braids. Finally, secure your weave and, if you wish, you can get a more pleasant look by tying the end of the weave with the end of the chain.

Shaped metal hair accessory

If metal hair accessories are a little complicated for you, you’ll find this hairstyle very easy. Instead of using a chain metallic hair accessory, you can evaluate individual metallic objects sold. Place these objects between your hair at random. This hairstyle in particular will look great with a messy bun on the back of the neck.

Clamp metal hair accessory

If you like attractive hairstyles, we suggest you combine a cuffed metal hairpin with a ponytail. You should try this hairstyle especially with a high ponytail. Don’t forget to fix it with The Matrix Volume Fixer Volumizing hairspray to keep your tiny hair on the front of your hair from flying.

Black chain hair accessory


Instead of a metallic color, you can pick up your hair with a black chain. If you don’t want to see a different color in your hair, especially when you’re dressed in black, you should use black metal. The black metal hair accessory will look great in your black hair. Don’t forget to fix your hair with L’oréal Paris Studio Pro Lock it hairspray to make it look fixed all day long after you’ve done the bun. It would be a shame if your bun fell on the chain hair accessory!

How to make a home chain hair accessory

If you like the Chained metal hair accessory so much and want to try it now, we have a suggestion for you! You can make your own chained hair accessory at home! First, take a chain from a haberdashery about a meter long. Put Wire buckles through the rings at the far end of the chain. When adapting to the hairstyle, after creating the entire hairstyle, you can fasten the chain through your hair with wire buckles on the ends, as if you were sewing.


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