Meet the latest hair trend: corset braids
You know how much we love following the latest hair trends. We’d like to introduce you to the trend of hair on our radar right now: corset braids. The corsets that make our bodies look thin are now in our hair!

If you’re tired of classic braids and want to try out new hairstyles, you should meet corset braids as soon as possible. Corset braids how to, corset braids what is such questions appeared in your head, you can find answers in the continuation of our article! 🙂

What is corset knitting?

The corset braid is called the hairstyle, where the two braids are tied together by ribbons, strings. Corset braiding, although usually done in double braids, can also be used with mass hairstyles, light hairstyles and provides a completely different look to the hairstyle!

In a corset braid, those who look at your hair from the back will think that you have tightened your hair with a corset and made it look flawless.

Which types of braid are used in corset knitting?
Corset braids are used with Dutch braids, boxer braids and French braids in addition to the classic 3s braids. Of course, you need to know how to do these knitting styles. You can click here to find out right away.

After the pattern is formed, it is time to create the appearance of the corset.

To weave a corset, you must first make your hair look shiny and easy to comb. When your hair is shiny, your hair becomes more prominent, and when it is easily combed, all the nodes in your hair open and you can braid your hair more easily. Before you start your braid, you can apply our favorite hair care sprays, Elseve complete restorative 5 2s care potion to your hair.

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Then tie the braids together by removing thin Tufts between the braids. So you can get an image of the corset. Corset braids are tight, just like real corsets. Instead of the shabby corset braid, you should do tighter braids. Finally, you can fix your hair with Matrix Style Fixer Hairspray so that your hairstyle can stay stable throughout the day, so that it doesn’t deteriorate.

Different corset knitting models

You can get help from colorful ribbons or ropes to color the corset braid model. Using a velvet ribbon for the real corset look in her hair might be the right choice.

Instead of braiding your entire hair, you can start warming up to corset braids by knitting only a fraction of them. How about we start with half-braids to learn how to make corset braids and gain practice?

What we love about corset braids is that they can fit anywhere. You can try corset knits on your way to work, on weekend dates or on your way to school. The pink ribbons aren’t too bad, are they? 🙂

Editorial advice: thanks to non-rinsed care creams, you can prevent the formation of electrified, blistering hair that distorts the appearance of your hair after braiding it. Apply Elseve hair beautifying miraculous oil cream to the parts that are electrified after braiding your hair, with your fingers. Your hair will look smooth, flawless!

You can also create corset weaves using the ropes in the House. You can also get a different style by passing the ropes through your braids, even tying and fixing your braid with ropes.

We couldn’t have combined such a different hairstyle with colorful hair! Corset braids make a great combination with colourful hair. If you want to complete your corset braided hair with colored hair, you can get help from the 1-day Kalicia L’oréal Paris Colorista Hair Makeup colors. Pick your favorite color and color your hair. Then give your hair a whole new look with corset braids!

When you start trying on corset braids, it’s a little hard, but you shouldn’t give up. When you use colored ribbons, the mistakes you make will not sink into anyone’s eyes, even everyone will focus on colored hair accessories.

If you want to try a different hairstyle, if you want to add new styles to your braided hairstyles, corset braids are perfect for you!


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