Let’s bring in those who want to discover their stylish new year’s eve hairstyles! 🙂

Hello all again! 🙂 I have prepared 3 different hairstyles for you to look perfect no matter what your plan is on New Year’s eve. I thought you would want to try each of these stylish hairstyles, which products I use and I did not neglect to share with you tiny tips.

Now let’s go to the Christmas hairstyles I’ve prepared for you!

Crown weave

My first model is a crown braid hairdo! As you know, we’re always on the move during New Year’s Eve, and we’re up late at night. For this reason, I first applied Elsevé Oil Cream to keep the braids in place without getting electrified or blistering during the night. So the braids will look bright and smooth and not blistering!

Then I cut my hair down the middle and knotted each 2 sides in a classic, 3s braid. After my braids were formed, I fixed the end of a braid with a wire buckle to the side of my head. I did the same thing to the other side. In the final touch, I applied the Elsevé hair beautifying Miracle Oil Cream again to secure the tiny hair coming out around my braids. That’s about it! 🙂

’90s hair!

Now it’s time for the very moving hairstyle! Of course, I had help with the tongs to make the hair look curly. But I didn’t forget to protect my hair from the heat of the tongs! I applied my Elsve hair beautifying cream to the ends and lengths of my hair, which protects the hair up to 230 degree heat. So my hair was in perfect shape, unharmed.

Then I made tongs all over my hair. And then I threw all my hair forward and spread the waves with my fingers and made the front of my hair a tight ponytail on top. To keep my hair from getting electrified, I took a small amount of my Elseve Miracle Oil Cream into my palm and applied it without spoiling my curls, and I’m ready! 🙂

Tight ballerina bun

In this bun model it is quite important that the hair looks smooth. So I straightened my hair before making a bun. I applied L’oréal Elsevé miraculous oil cream to the ends and lengths of my hair to prevent my hair from being damaged by the heat of the straightener and to ensure that my hair is in perfect shape without blistering.

After I had straightened all my hair, I packed my hair up on top, tight and taut, and did a ponytail. I applied L’oréal Paris Studio Line Fix & Shine stabilizer spray to a brush with frequent threads so that baby hair visible around my hair doesn’t spoil my appearance. If you don’t have this brush, you can also apply it to a clean toothbrush. I combed my baby hair with a spray brush. I then twirled my hair and fixed it with wire buckles to form my bun. Here’s my perfect, tight bun! 🙂

I hope you like these hairstyles I’ve prepared. I wish you all a happy birthday! 🙂


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