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If you want to keep your hairstyle intact for a long time after you’ve had a blow dryer, these suggestions are for you! 🙂
We’re sure you love blow-dry hairstyles like wavy blow-dry hair, broken blow-dry hair, just like we do. You may have had your hair blown off by long efforts, or you may have had your hair blown off at the hair salon. So do you want this blow dryer to stay intact, to be permanent for a long time?

We have suggestions for the appearance of a long-lasting fönlü! With these suggestions, you will be able to maintain the appearance of your hair on the first day without spoiling! 🙂

Don’t touch your hair!

Are you one of those guys who keeps touching your hair after you blow dry? You have to give up that habit to keep the blowtorch intact. As they touch her hair, the oil and dirt on her fingertips reach into her hair. This can cause the volume of hair to go down and the hair to become greasy more quickly.

Editorial advice: if your hair gets greasy quickly no matter what you do, we recommend you take advantage of dry shampoos if it loses volume. One of our favourites, L’oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Invisible Dry Shampoo, instantly gives hair volume, giving it a fresher, more spacious feel. Apply to dry hair bottoms from a distance of 30 cm and gently massage them with your fingertips. That’s about it! Your blow-dry hair will instantly look even more voluminous! 🙂

Apply the right spray

If your hair is wavy, it tends to deteriorate even more quickly, especially on humid days. To keep your hair intact, you should definitely get help from a hair spray that has a strong grip. This hairspray should also be capable of not aggravating your hair.

If you have a very active blow-dry hair, we recommend that you get help from styrofoam foams to make your waves clear. With the iconic Elnett foams, you can enjoy your perfectly shaped and non-electrified hair! 🙂

Pack your hair and go to sleep

You can try picking up your hair at bedtime to prevent it from getting messy or electrified when you wake up in the morning. Especially if you’ve had a broken blow-dry, which means moving ends, we recommend that you pack your hair loosely at the top and sleep. When you wake up in the morning, you can comb your hair with your fingers and apply Elnett spray to keep it looking funky throughout the day.

Use a silk pillowcase

Hair can be electrified very quickly, especially when you have a straight blow dry. Most sleep at night, as our hair touches the pillowcase, the hair can swell due to friction. Cotton pillowcases can cause hair to get electrified. Silk pillowcases, on the other hand, prevent electrification with their soft texture. So if you don’t want your hair electrified, we suggest you use a silk pillowcase.

Get help from boned

To prevent your hair from getting wet during the shower, you can use the bonnet. However, even if it is bone, you should make sure that the water you bathe in the shower is not too hot because your hair can get damp and electrified due to the steam of the hot water.

Get a boost from dry shampoo!

As we mentioned in the above suggestion, it is essential to get support from dry shampoos in order not to spoil the blow dryer. We recommend using L’oréal Paris Magic Shampoo Invisible Dry Shampoo to make your hair feel fresh, as if it had just come out of the shower.

It doesn’t leave any white residue like any other dry shampoo, so you can use it. There are 5 different types of scents and these scents are quite permanent. You’re gonna love these fresh smells that stay in your hair all day! 🙂

Half ball

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If you have any deterioration in the upper parts of your hair, we recommend that you collect your hair half way. You can even get help from crowns or hair scarves.


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